At Toci Designs, we believe in the power of ideas. We thrive on making a difference to brands and helping people make powerful audience connections. Each client is unique which is why we create strategies tailored to their specific needs. Reach out and we will help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be: AHEAD OF THE REST. Do you sell digital products online with Paypal or are you an online IMVU Model/Influencer? We have the plan for you for a successful business.






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2021 Recent updates read below:

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1st March Join us on Discord Link ->

Featured, Team, Affiliates, Partners, and Galery category updated.

17 February All giveaways are over, we doing things in the background and working on a big update.

8 February New Giveaway added by Mavvys

7 February Want to earn up to 150 000 credits monthly? check the Featured category!

3 February 2 NEW Giveaways added! From Gaf210 and oLOUo !

2 February Futuristic Party by the creator ClaireDuLune with LIVE DJ! Check our EVENTS!

- 1 YEAR VIP GIVEAWAY! Click HERE to find out more. Follow  Sastyle on IG.

1 February Congratulations to winners for monthly giveaway/content for Models!

Make sure to send pictures and info to join February for double rewards!

Get your chance to earn 170 000 credits yearly! 

- We adding things under Featured, keep eye on it ;)

- New Models for February added

- New Model Agencies added

30 January New Giveaway from Katniz! Click here to find out more.

27 January The first party will be Sunday 31st January from 7 p.m to 9 p.m Central Europe time.  Check Events for more info, scroll down to Event calendar or click here.

26 January  - New Blog about VCOIN added on-site, thanks to VCOIN owners and IMVU Marketing team, we are allowed to use and share info about new crypto value.

- ABOUT website updated.

- Check out the latest EVENTS and NEWS. We go bring some real-life DJs on IMVU and SL.

25  January Monthly rewards for Models highly increased make sure to check it out. (click here to read )

 - Submit your room form added on the website, you just simply send us the link of the room and the room go appear on the website!  One(1) room per user free for everyone! Find more info under IMVU ROOMS.

- Forum added with some main categories similar to IMVU one.

- Groups added for PC and Mobile users, join the group you think you belong to, and receive benefits in the future.

- Mobile application made for all users, there will be benefits in future from it.

19 January IMVU ROOMS information updated. Explantation of how to have your room(s) on our site in less than 1 minute.

17 January HOT UPDATE! GAF210 AD PLAN will appear on our website as well! HOT UPDATE!

08 January HOT UPDATE! New Category added IMVU ROOMS divided into few subs categories

it will be a place to advertise your rooms and simply 1 click to go on any room on IMVU

20 December 2020 Website launched

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