After over 5 years of being back and forth and not so active on IMVU besides checking messages in the inbox and very rare coming online, I fully come back to IMVU in September 2020.

Shortly after that SBS ( Small Business Saturday ) started, I just wake up from the bed and decide to live stream the event on Twitch and visit as many rooms as possible to help creators promote their work.

Finally, catch up with Gaf210 and miaka618, we spent over 24 hours live streaming on Twitch and way more together hopping in rooms.
Playing some music in the background, seeing old friends, IMVU staff, and other Divas of IMVU as well catching up with old friends made me happy.
Corona hit the whole world and sadly many of us lost jobs and earnings.
I always liked that whole idea about SBS as well I running a few small businesses in real life but sadly I lost the main one due to Corona.
But I got some extra time and whole new motivation to push myself as well help people as much I can.
From addicted gamer to obsessed person with programming, coding, marketing I decided to launch a website for myself but quickly changed my mind so don't be selfish and make it useful for others.

My main goal is to make our "virtual" lives easier, more earning, and more fun.

Thanks for having me, thanks for coming, lets fucking do this!

Read down basic information about website and our goals.


About website:

Welcome everyone. Website officially launched at 20th December 2020.
I finally decided to make an IMVU related website, and help as many people I can for free.
Not every kind of advertisement will be free at this website, for the obvious reason of paying for web domain/host etc.
Site wont be competition to any other IMVU/SL related sites. And i will be more than happy to advertise them as well.
For now this is just a platform and i will do my best to make it better,useful and unique.
Stay tuned for further updates.

Our goals :