Hi everyone I’m Jess !! To me, blogging is a hobby to show my expression of being myself and create stories with my life on Imvu with friends and my bf and god kiddo, and others that have made an impact.

It’s my way of expressing the love of taking photos and creating storylines, as it’s something that brings me happiness and joy for the last 4 years.

I started blogging as soon as I was hired as a socialite in Verve X Magazine it’s not only writing and taking pics but it’s creating a story for scenarios. I started it cause it was something I learned from two of my friends' ones of which I am glad showed me the ropes around it.

For me, blogging is my distraction from modeling and participating in pageants their no right or wrong to do it.

My hobby is taking pictures in real every picture has a story, so why not share them by doing this.

“To blog is to share, to connect, to create, and to inspire “.