Rani Rellix


I've been on IMVU since 2010 and was creating on and off for a few years. In 2016 I decided to give it my full attention and been lucky enough to be a part of many showcases between 2017 and 2019. I was also lucky enough to find a supportive partner on IMVU Rellix, who has backed me since I met him in 2016. Have met so many great people and decided to create a business where it would showcase my designs to the public with Influencers handpicked by me which brought me to cross paths with my IMVU baby sister Zee aka Neoxie who now is partner with me in Vision Inc. Fashion and have influencers who showcase both our catalogues. During my time I have made some fab friends, like Sassy who also is part of the management team at Vision. I enjoy having a good laugh and chat with people and learning new creating skills. I'm passionate about my creating and know I would be nothing without those who support my products. I thank each and everyone of those people who have purchased from my catalogue. xoxo Rani