Please read the following rules to participate.

Must follow these accounts: &

- Repost on Instagram using the following tag: xemzeeswimgiveaway

- Comment your color and tag your best friend below. (she will also win one with the color of her choice)

Ends on April 20th - Midnight EST

@imvu #imvu

Birch VCOIN Giveaway

Wanna be on top? Join HOB™ as we launch an IMVU-rendition of ANTM: America's Next Top Model! Coming to you this February,  this will be the FIRST IMVU competition show to offer its prize money in VCOINS! We're looking for bright and fresh new models to compete for their chance to earn the title of America's Next Top Model and win 12,500 VCOINS (which can be traded in for $50!) To sign up, give me your username or message me on IMVU @ Birch and we'll set you up!

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Birch ( Instagram )

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Calling all streamers and unedited feed artists! This contest is for you

Post your best Valentine-themed photo on the following page and participate for a chance to win a big prize in VCOINS!

You can take your photo with your significant other, or alone, anti-valentine themes allowed as well Anything Valentine's related, feel free to be creative while keeping it GA

Submit your entry on the contest page here:

oLOUo Rules to enter Giveaway
oLOUo Giveaway room
oLOUo request to enter giveaway

For your chance to win 20k please read all posts for information and comment on this post. Good luck! Sharing not required but I will love you forever 😁
The contest ends at 9 pm Sydney time on February 14th, 2021. Judges and I will choose a winner and post within 48 hours. The winner will receive 20k credits and one runner up 5k. Good luck #oLOUoHugsNKisses #imvu #imvucontest #imvuvalentine #imvucouple #imvulove

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Stephen Sastyle

Instagram giveaway!

As a thank you for all the support I wanted to show some love to this valentine. I will be gifting a 1 year VIP pass on IMVU!

To enter simply,

-Follow me

-Share this poster to feed & story

-Comment "Done" on this post

The winner will be randomly selected.

*Ends 14th Feb 2021*

Good luck!


#shopsastyle #sastylegiveaway

Its time to Giveaway 🎁♥️ Valentine's Day is near 🥰🥰❣️💋 Follow these rules for join it:
1❣️Follow on IG
2❣️Repost this pic on the story and IG Feed and Tag those 3 profiles.
3 ❣️Comment Done once you did and Tag your Love❤️ ( Partner or Friends)in the comment.
Winners Generated Randomly

🖤End Date 14 February ♥️🌹
Good Luck Lovers ♥️
#imvu #imvugiveaway
#imvufreecredits #imvufreegifts #imvugiveaways #imvuvalentinesday2021

Katniz Valentine Giveaway
MISSED A GIVEAWAY? HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! We've partnered with @imvu to spread the incredible news about VCOIN - a new and exciting way to exchange value on IMVU! You can now profit off of your IMVU business whether it be owning a bar, editing, modeling, holding events, or more - and gain REAL MONEY from them! Together, I and are giving away 1,000 VCOINS each to 2 lucky people!

To enter:

1. Follow on Instagram and
2. Share this post with your stories (tag us)!
3. Tag one friend below!

The giveaway ends 1/23/21 at 12 pm EST!

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Birch And Lorin
Droll VCOIN giveaway

Hi lovelies, introducing VCOIN!!

IMVU has kindly given me 1,000 VCOIN to give away to a few lucky people... I will give away 1600 to 10 people!

But, let's up the game a little bit... I have bought 16000 more VCOIN and I will let 10 people have 1100 each!

Just leave a comment with your username, and I’ll pick 10 random people to send it to! 😍🥰

P.S. whoever made these photos did an amazing job 👌🏼😉

Details: entries end at 4 PM GMT tomorrow! ( 18 January 2021 ) 😌✌🏼😜

 Every entry will be added into a random generator so that the whole thing will be on my story, and people can see for themselves.

Good luck my beauties, hope you are all well ❤️💜

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Katniz IMVU Shop Giveaway

Welcome, 2021!I want to start this year with a big hug to all and a Giveaway 
To join it please follow those three steps 
Follow On Instagram @ and
2.Repost This Photo in the story and IG Feed and tag us on it.
3.Comment Done on my original post and tag 3 Friends 

Winners Are Genereted Randomly 

1  15K credits
2 10k Credits
3 5 k Credits
4 10 gifts
5 5 gifts
Good luck to all 

#imvu #imvugiveaways
#imvuhappyholiday #imvunewyear2021 #imvufreecredits #imvugiveaway #imvufreegifts #imvubest #imvunew #ShopKatniz #shopkitniss