Since fact IMVU allows you to favorite up to 100 rooms I came with the idea to make this.
Rooms are separated in in same way as IMVU split categories in the Featured room, for now, I just added Ambient rooms as a specific category. Under each category as site grown and numbers of room grown, I might make subcategories to divide rooms by color or anything.

As well in future best rooms go be added in upcoming "Featured" category where we go put all best things.

People love taking photos, especially models who do hard work promoting the products of others. And always search for new rooms, not only them, the whole community.
Personally, I see this way of advertising especially good for Rooms Owners who are creators or have event rooms, like night clubs and so on. Even better if you are Creator who creating rooms and has own furniture in, it might boost your sale.
Also not new, people often tip rooms or send credits to the owner.

All you need do to in order to have your room here is to send me the link to it from IMVU FEED-NEXT.
One room per account is Free for all, anything above that I will charge you out of common sense I spending time to put your room as well data( picture and text )  on-site burden my hosting which I paying with real-life money.

Pricing will be updated soon and will be as low as possible.