How to get advertised here? And why I should be here in the first place?

We are an upcoming agency scouting for amazing talent. Our agency is based on creativity and Free will where models/ Streamers and creators show their amazing talent. Bossbabe is a family that strives to support and show growth with one another. We are all about having fun, learning and teaching one another how to reach their goals in the imvu modeling industries. We are what people would call a safe haven. We are all unique in our own way. Imvu is a virtual game where we escape from real life. Behind every gamer, there is a human that wants to be shown their worth and appreciation. BossBabe is a place where we share all our emotions and be there through thick and thin. We will always have each other’s back, We do not use our titles to make anyone feel bad and we are understanding in all situations. Please come join us at the bossbabe and come show us your amazing abilities.
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Duval Agency IMVU

Duval Model Agency is an agency that helps promote shops for creators on Facebook, Instagram, and IMVU stream/next. We’ve had the pleasure to be working with many great creators for 3 years now and have a very nice and friendly environment. I am one of the owners of Duval Model Agency so I deal with everything pretty much. We have many great and responsible models, that do their best to please our sponsors, that work very hard daily. We are here to work with our sponsors to have them promoted and be well know in the IMVU world and to help increase their sales.

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Owners contact on Facebook: Luna Duval and Yeannette Diaz .

Harmony Models

Harmony Models foi fundada em 15 de Outubro de 2018, com o objetivo de trazer os melhores anúncios dentro e fora do IMVU. Um sonho de uma Modelo que está no mercado a 6 anos, acompanhe nosso trabalho no Instagram e no Facebook. Harmony Models was founded on October 15, 2018, with the goal of bringing the best ads in and out of IMVU. A Model's dream that has been in the market for 6 years, follow our work on Instagram and Facebook.

IVI inc. Models

IVI inc. (MAFIA Inc.) is a teaching agency that welcomes and mentors individuals with the determination to express themselves and to grow as artists. 

Since May of 2020, we have pieced elements of our agency together comprised of repaint artists, video artists, creators, and streaming models. Our mission in the IMVU Community is to be a movement to work together, instead of being in competition with each other. To challenge what is within ourselves, and grow together in that way. Today we stand as one of the largest agencies, hosting 165 active members. 

IVI inc has become more than a PR service, but a community of people working together to provide support, resources, and inspiration to all members, to succeed as influencers, and to become successful within themselves and together as a whole.

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♦ We are a team of influencers that have years of experience under our belts all together.

♦ I have recently decided to expand outside of just promoting myself via LAgence Inc brand as a freelancer and make it into an International

Company of models and streamers from all around the world that will help me show support and promote our clients and sponsors.


♦ We have variety, quality, and diversity to best fit everyone's needs, wants, and likes.

♦ We take what we do serious and expect to be taken seriously as well. We are very ambitious and always give 110%.

♦ We are extremely positive and make sure to ALWAYS be on time with deadlines and appointments.

♦ We never flake and expect the same from whomever we work for or with. We are extroverted introvert to the core.

♦ We love art in all forms, especially the body. We believe baring your soul through modeling and photography is a beautiful thing which is why we enjoy doing it.

♦ Our love for fashion has brought us together and because of this passion, we want to share it with the world.

♦ Together we hold several awards and crowns in the IMVU community so we know you can't go wrong when deciding to take part of this new journey with us.

♦ We are professional, mature, and hard-working. We tend to go above and beyond what our work requires of us. I feel that

we can be an asset to any creator, developer, or mesher as we have great customer service and can get along well with people.

♦ We are not one to cause drama but we will often speak our minds when necessary. A quote I live by is, "Stand for what you believe is right even if you stand alone."


To sum things up and answer your million dollar question... Why us? 


Even though there are many other companies to choose from, we are more than experienced, hard-working, dedicated, and committed.

We give our best to everything we do, we are our toughest critic, in a world of competition, we strive to come out on top. 

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RedDiamond Modeling Agency

The red diamond is not just a modeling and streaming agency but a home where models, editors, streamers, and creators come together to showcase their talents. We have open communication between our creators, owners, streamers, and management team. We are inclusive, understanding, and open. Our goal isn’t just only to promote streamers and creators but to make them feel at home too, where they can come and unwind from real-life stress. If you are looking for a place where you and your work are truly appreciated and where it feels like family, Red Diamond is your go-to place. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us on INSTAGRAM

My Modelling Agency is called Sinfxl Modelling Agency. The goal is to promote my shop on IMVU. I am the CEO, Editor, Discord Editor and interviewer in my agency. I have a friendly-based environment only, which has helped my models get along with one another and the best part is that my shop has been doing brilliantly. Please feel free to look at my shop "SinfxlWulf". If anyone is interested, then please feel free to apply to be a model or editor on: . If you have any questions, please message me on IG at

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​How to get advertised here? And why I should be here in the first place?


You are more than welcome to be here no matter if you are a new or old agency.


We are not a competition to anyone and we will help anyone if they want collab with us.

We force quality more than quantity therefore we want to help all model agencies to get seen by a wider audience, get more models or work with more creators and be part of IMVU/Second Life events.


As being part of our site and being in the model agency category not only more people go find out about you, and more creators might engage you and/or your agency! Due to our needs, we might hire you for us or do a collab with you as well!


As well there will be monthly and yearly giveaways for model agencies as part of a sponsorship system!

( more information coming soon, but the system goes be mostly similar as we do with Models  ) but with better rewards.



What you need do to be placed here it's simple:


  • Send me a banner-picture of your agency


-Give me your correct link which will lead where you want to, like your profile, your Facebook Page of your agency, Instagram profile, or Discord server.

Whatever you want it's up to you and everything is possible.


- You have the right to change your description, picture monthly until there are no more than 10 model agencies on the website, after that moment you have the right change it 3 times a year, anything above that we will charge symbolically out of reason I don't want to spend all my free time doing free stuff for others and keep in mind web developers are paid around 40$ for an hour.

-If you are a spammer on social networks, especially on IMVU feed and breaking IMVU rules sorry but you are not welcome here.

You can read IMVU TOS here.


-Since we keeping you for free here it's common sense that we expect you to spread the word about the website to your friends, as well as post once monthly on your social media about the site.

If you do your simple edit with the site logo or link on it we will have that in mind and award you in the proper way.


- AP and slight nudity it's ok to be posted here but keep in mind this is not a porn site.



  • Conclusion and disclaimer 

  • This text might be edited to be improved anytime in the future, the website will keep you informed and you go be able to find information if it's edited on the homepage of the website under the " Recent updates "

  • You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use by clicking on red text anywhere on the website when you see so to read more useful and important information.