How to get advertised here? And why I should be here in the first place?

Storytelling is a powerful tool that I use to harness your ideas, and display them as unique visual representations. I work with my clients to carefully craft their message and shape audience perception. Browse my site to learn more!

As Advertising Producer models are main focus for me because they do hard work to promote not only self but others!

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Models March 2021


​How to get advertised here? And why I should be here in the first place?

You are more than welcome to be here no matter if you are a solo model or belong to some agency.

We are not a competition to anyone and we will help anyone if they want to collab with us.

We force quality more than quantity therefore we want to help models to get seen by a wider audience because many of you do ART with your pictures and don't get enough attention while some bad quality getting more likes and followers.

As being part of our site and being in the model category not only more people go find out about you, and more creators might engage you and/or your agency!

As well there will be monthly and yearly giveaways for models!

Encourage your friends to visit the website and like your picture under the model tab, in the end of the month, we will calculate votes and pick a winner for the monthly giveaway-award.

The yearly giveaway reward it's 50 000 credits.

ALL TOP 3 winners go be FEATURED on the homepage and possibly somewhere else on the website.


1st  Place 10 000 credits

2nd Place 5 000 credits

3rd Place 3 000 credits

Prices might increase in the future!

What you need do to be placed here it's simple:


  • Pick the best photo you got and send it to me on Facebook, by e-mail, or on Discord.


-Give me your correct IMVU name and links which lead to your IMVU feed, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or any social network you use.

One link goes to be clickable which leads to your profile while other people just copy-paste and go there.

-Send me a description of you like a short introduction so people know more about you.

- AP and slight nudity's ok to be posted here but keep in mind this is not a porn site.

- You have the right to change your description, picture monthly until there are no more than 30 models on the website, after that moment you have the right change it 3 times a year, anything above that we will charge symbolically you out of reason I don't want to spend all my free time doing free stuff for others and keep in mind web developers are paid around 40$ for an hour.

But I might make an exception.


-If you are a spammer on social networks, especially on the IMVU feed and breaking IMVU rules sorry but you are not welcome here.

You can read IMVU TOS here.

-Since we keeping you for free here it's common sense that we expect you to spread the word about the website to your friends, as well as post once monthly on your social media about the site.

If you do your simple edit with the site logo or link on it, either spread links between friends and on social media we will have that in mind and award you in the proper way.


  • Conclusion and disclaimer 

  • This text might be edited to be improved anytime in the future, the website will keep you informed and you go be able to find information if it's edited on the homepage of the website under the " Recent updates "

  • You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use by clicking on red text anywhere on the website when you see so to read more useful and important information.

Models February 2021